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Multi Room Audio systems allow you to centralize your sound system and then listen from any room in your home. Listen to music indoors or outdoors with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. These speakers are optimized to provide a full rich sound that you can control in each room with in-wall analogue volume controls or more advanced touch panel key pads.

Let us help you design a Whole House Audio/Video System during the New Construction phase, this will allow your house to function with current technologies as well as for the future. Are you planning to buy a new Flat Panel TV, or other Audio/ Video equipment ? We can offer advise, sell you the Audio/Video equipment and do the installation all from a reputable company that will treat you right. We can also offer our services if you have an existing system that is either not performing to your desire or needs to be updated to current technology. Our Audio/Video packages are designed for simple operation and to accommodate every budget without compromising performance.



I would like to extend a word of thanks and sincere appreciation for the excellent work that you have done for us, not only during the construction phase of our new home, but also the attention to detail and follow-up after we moved in.

Our entertainment center is all that we hoped it would be and more! With so many components, we couldn’t have done it without your expertise. Everything is working like a dream, giving us many hours of enjoyment. Thanks again for a job well done!

Matt Terlizzo - Palm Coast, FL

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